It’s time, all-important listeners, for episode ten! When last we left, Frank and his friends were stuck in the bottom of a well trapped between the unknown darkness and zombies above them! What will Frank do next?

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Episode Ten Script:

NARRATOR: Welcome back to “Let’s Be Frank”, a storytelling podcast where you, the all important listener, get the opportunity to be one of the fates that directs Frank’s actions and decisions.

NARRATOR: When last we left, Frank and his friends were trapped in the bottom of a well with the unknown before them and zombies above! What will Frank do next?

NARRATOR: One all-important listener, Kevin, proposed an idea that led Frank to the decision he made, which was…

FRANK: We can’t just sit here and wait. We have light, and we don’t know how long that wooden well cap will hold. Joylin said that the zombies started the fires that burned their homes. If they set fire to that cap…

ALRIC: Then it’s just a matter of time before they do the same to the cap and swarm us.

YAWANA: So, even if we’re not certain about the destination, we still need to be as far away from the well as possible in case the cap gives.

FRANK: Exactly.

LEVANANCE: Well, in that case, I feel that we should have Mog lead the way.

MOG: Mog lead? But, Frank has-

LEVANANCE: Frank has done his part, Mog. He faced us in the direction that we need. Now, it’s up to us to act on this. Frank is still learning combat, and we need good swords to cover the front and rear.

YAWANA: You can do it, Mog. I have faith in you.

FRANK: Yeah, big guy. Your senses are better than ours.

ALRIC: Then let’s go. We do not have time to waste.

NARRATOR: The group set out into the dark unknown ahead, with Mog holding the staff for light and leading the others.

YAWANA: Alric, you know that any of us will help if you start tiring. Talana’s light, but walking in water in uneven terrain will wear you out fast.

ALRIC: I will be fine.

YAWANA: (coyly)I wanted to talk to Alric, not his pompous pride.

ALRIC: (chuckles)Yawana, I promise, if I begin to wear out, and I need assistance, you will be the first person to know.

MOG: Mog no like cracks over us.

LEVANANCE: It’s perfectly safe, Mog. It’s rock, not dirt, and has stood for quite a : long time from the looks of it.

YAWANA: Still something to watch. We should probably keep our voices low to keep from shaking things up too much.

FRANK: What do you mean, shake things up?

YAWANA: You get too loud in an unstable cave, it can collapse.

LEVANANCE: Sort of like the cave where we saved those other children, only felled by sounds and not a fireball.

ALRIC: It was an accident. She panicked. She said so herself.

LEVANANCE: I wasn’t accusing anyone of anything, I was simply making a comparison for Frank that seemed to be unaware of things like that happening.

ALRIC: Would you have said that if Talana had been awake?

LEVANANCE: Of course not!

FRANK: Guys, I don’t think he meant anything personal about-

YAWANA: Frank, stop. I know you want to keep the peace, but peace isn’t always the right option.

FRANK: I know. Peace is the only right option. Anything else leads to-

MOG: Mog think this not the time or place-

ALRIC: No, I feel that this may be the most appropriate time for this.

YAWANA: Keep your voices down!

FRANK: We need to focus!

LEVANANCE: At least I waited for her to be unconscious before I said anything. I didn’t scream it in her face!

ALRIC: Mog, take Talana. I need to deal with something.

FRANK: You need to deal with your temper, Alric! This is not-


NARRATOR: Deep within the caverns, the group could hear a cracking and rumbling. Suddenly, the cavern ceiling began to crumble over Frank.

LEVANANCE: Frank, look out!

NARRATOR: Levanance surged towards Frank and, placing two hands on his chest, shoved Frank up and away and leaped backwards just as the entire area collapsed.

JOYLIN: Oh no! No!

YAWANA: (coughing) Frank!

ALRIC: No, no, this can’t be happening!

NARRATOR: Silently, Mog walked from the front of the group to Levanance and, without a sound, took Levanance by the throat and lifted him upward.

MOG: Why you kill Frank?!?

LEVANANCE: I…. didn’t… I… saved…

ALRIC: The hell you did! We all saw what happened!

LEVANANCE: Let… me… explain…

NARRATOR: Levanance snapped the edges of his hands against the sides of Mog’s elbow, causing Mog to release him.

MOG: Hngh!

YAWANA: You have about one minute before your end. Start talking.

LEVANANCE: If… ahem… if I had tried to pull him, it would have taken longer than for me to use my momentum to push him back and away from the collapse. If I pulled, we both would have been crushed.

FRANK: Um, are you guys okay over there?

YAWANA: Are you okay?!?

FRANK: I am, thanks to Lev. It’s dark, so it might take me a little longer, but there’s another branch over here. I’ll move ahead and see if we can meet up ahead.

ALRIC: Remember what I taught you about your sword, Frank!

FRANK: Hopefully, I won’t need it.

MOG: Mog lead them forward and we find you on the other side!

NARRATOR: Mog returned to the front and began moving forward. Alric re-adjusted the sleeping Talana and followed behind him. Yawana stared hard at Levanance.

YAWANA: So you live another day. If anything happens to Frank…

LEVANANCE: You may not believe me, but please understand. I do not want Frank, you, or anyone else here to come to harm in this cave.

YAWANA: You go ahead. I’ll be right behind you.

NARRATOR: As the group began following Mog’s lead with the glowing staff, poor Frank was alone in the dark.

FRANK: Well, I guess the good news would be that I’m not afraid of the dark, heh. The bad news is that I can’t see a thing and everything I do echoes, which means anything in here will hear me before I get to them.

NARRATOR: Frank pressed on, hoping to stumble into his friends sooner than later. As he continued, the water fell away and he was walking slowly on solid, dry cavern floor.

FRANK: I really hope that everyone’s okay. I really hate it that everyone was fighting before the collapse. I think that everyone was just on edge, and-

RAILOREN GREY: Have you ever considered the possibility that there are some differences that can’t be overcome?

FRANK: Who said that?

RAILOREN GREY: I did. You are in my home, so I felt it more than appropriate to join in conversation if conversation is to be had.

FRANK: Um, yeah, I just thought I was talking to myself is all.

RAILOREN GREY: Do you do that a lot? Hold council with your own thoughts?

FRANK: Absolutely. “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

RAILOREN GREY: Wise words for a man that resembles a drowned rat.

FRANK: You can see in here?


NARRATOR: Frank continued to make his way forward, hoping his new friend was as friendly as his conversation.

FRANK: So, my name is Frank. I came down here with friends. Well, we ran down here because we were being chased by : zombies.

RAILOREN GREY: Oh, really? Do tell.

FRANK: Yeah, they attacked a village before we got there. The only person we found alive was a young girl hiding in the well that brought us down here.

RAILOREN GREY: So, Frank, where are your friends now?

FRANK: Now? Oh, that’s right. They started arguing and got a little too loud and caused a cave-in, that’s how we got separated. So, what’s your name?

RAILOREN GREY: My name is Railoren, Railoren Grey, and it is a pleasure to meet you, Frank.

FRANK: Ah, the pleasure’s all mine. Say, I don’t suppose you have a torch or anything I might borrow that would light my path ahead, do you?

RAILOREN GREY: Heh. The only source of light I have would make your journey more difficult, not less.

FRANK: I see. Well, with this being your home, can you tell me if there is a way ahead that can get me back with my friends?

RAILOREN GREY: Yes. Follow the way you are walking. The path is relatively straight. You should be able to find them.

FRANK: Thanks, Railoren.

NARRATOR: Frank started to turn and leave, then Railoren noticed him hesitate.

FRANK: I’m curious about something. Mind if I ask you a personal question?

RAILOREN GREY: Of course you can, Frank. I am intrigued as to what question you would ask of a voice in the dark.

FRANK: It’s actually about that. This is pretty deep underground. The area here is nice and warm. I’ll bet it stays like this all year long, huh?

RAILOREN GREY: Of course. The further you move away from the chaos above, the more order you can find.

FRANK: Do you ever go out?

NARRATOR: Frank waited in tense silence for his answer.

RAILOREN GREY: Of course I do. Nothing can live in darkness alone. I go out to gather provisions for myself, but I do so under the cover of night.

FRANK: Does the light bother you?

RAILOREN GREY: No, not the light. Just everything within it. You see, Frank, I choose to stay here because, in my experience, people are inherently not good.

FRANK: So, would that make me a bad person?

RAILOREN GREY: Of course not, Frank. I meant the : people of the world as a whole. An average, if you will.

FRANK: That’s not how I see it. I have always thought that, with all things being equal, people will more often choose to help rather than hurt.

RAILOREN GREY: You are still young, Frank. I do not feel you are a bad person. There are many that are good, but even more that are not.

FRANK: I’m sorry you see it that way, Railoren.

RAILOREN GREY: Imagine you have a small cup. Inside the small cup are one hundred stones, fifty red and fifty blue. If the blue were good people and the red were bad, then I shake and mix the cup, I always find more red than blue.

FRANK: Then keep shaking. What you see before you only stops when you stop shaking. Don’t see what you like? Just keep shaking that cup, Railoren.

RAILOREN GREY: If it were that simple, Frank.

FRANK: It can be. Speaking of shaking, I’ve enjoyed our chat, but I really need to find my friends before they kill each other.

RAILOREN GREY: Farewell, Frank. May your own light of hope guide you in dark times like these.

FRANK: Farewell, Railoren.

NARRATOR: With that, Frank continued out of the area, groping about in the darkness, following the wall, hoping to find his friends soon.

NARRATOR: Meanwhile, in another section of the cavern, Mog and the others found a dry path to walk as well.

MOG: Mog hope Frank not hurt. Or hungry. Or scared.

ALRIC: (sounding very tired) Frank is always scared, Mog. He does, however, tend to go on regardless.

YAWANA: Alric, you’re exhausting yourself. Let one of us-

ALRIC: I’m not tired, Yawana, just winded a little. This is nothing.

LEVANANCE: Well, Alric, if you change your mind, let one of us know.

YAWANA: Your pride is carrying you a lot further than I originally thought, Alric.

LEVANANCE: It’s not pride, Yawana. It’s guilt.

NARRATOR: Alric tossed Talana into Yawana’s arms and rushed Levanance.

There is a very brief 2-3 clang sword fight.

ALRIC: Lev, your speech is forcing me to reexamine Mog’s position of your place in this company.

LEVANANCE: I am not your enemy, Alric. I have come to think of you as a friend. Therefore, I will not coddle your emotions and allow them to become delicate.

ALRIC: What are you blathering on about?!?

LEVANANCE: Did you feel bad about Talana’s plight, especially after your episode with her earlier? ‘Magic as big as a house’, I believe you asked of her today, remember?

ALRIC: I’m warning you, Lev…

LEVANANCE: It was the same thing you accused her of that day, remember?


YAWANA: Lev, you might want to stop while you’re ahead…

LEVANANCE: Were you proud of your wit when she fell from exhaustion, or did you feel-

ALRIC: I felt horrible! There! Are you happy? I was not proud of that moment, but she and I had already made up, and she didn’t seem upset-

LEVANANCE: Until she hit you, did she ever before?

NARRATOR: Alric and Levanance stood facing one another, with Yawana holding the still unconscious Talana in her arms. Mog approached the group.

MOG: Talk ends now! Lev not enemy right now. Cave is enemy. Lost Frank is problem. Need to fix problem and defeat enemy. No more talk unless see unicorn, or Mog break knees.

YAWANA: Way to go, Mog!

MOG: Includes you, Yawana. No one speak. Everyone silent. No one here but Mog speak civil anymore. So no speak. Walk. Search. Find Frank and find way out.

NARRATOR: Alric took the sleeping Talana from Yawana and, once adjusting her on his back, began following Mog.

YAWANA: (wsp) Are you beginning to see what I see?

MOG: Yawana, kneeeeeeeeeeeessssss!!!!

NARRATOR: Not too far away, Frank thought he heard the familiar sound of one of his friends.

FRANK: That sounded like Mog. That has to mean I am getting closer. Hey, guys! I’m over here!

NARRATOR: Frank picked up his pace, and within seconds, he could begin making out the light cast from Talana’s staff in the distance.

MOG: Frank! That you?

FRANK: Yeah, buddy, it’s me. Wow, give me a second for my eyes to adjust to that staff light.

LEVANANCE: I think I can speak for everyone when I say we’re all glad to see you’re all right, Frank.

YAWANA: You can’t, but you’re not wrong. Glad to see you’re back, Frank.

ALRIC: We missed you, as weird as that sounds.

TALANA: We all did.

NARRATOR: Everyone turned to see Talana move just a bit on Alric’s back.

ALRIC: You’re awake.

TALANA: I am now. How long have I been sleeping?

ALRIC: A few hours now.

YAWANA: Yeah, Alric wouldn’t let any of us help. He’s had you the entire time.

MOG: Alric Ladyman worried about friend.

NARRATOR: Talana looked to everyone and smiled.

TALANA: Thanks, guys. You can put me down now, Alric.

ALRIC: Are you certain?

TALANA: To walk? Yes. Not quite ready for running, so let’s avoid the whole ‘life and death’ moments for the rest of the day, if it’s possible.

NARRATOR: Alric gently lowered Talana to the floor but remained still until she had regained her balance and let go of this shoulders.

FRANK: Don’t let yourself get so worn out next time. Let us know. We can save the world, but we still have time for naps.

EVERYONE: (chuckles)

MOG: Mog been smelling sand and dry dirt recently. Getting stronger further we go.

YAWANA: Well, that’s promising.

MOG: Also smell the dead.

TALANA: …aaand there went the good feelings.

MOG: Dead smells weak. If daytime, Mog not worried.

LEVANANCE: If it’s not, we stay quiet and wait for daylight before leaving from underground.

ALRIC: Agreed. However, having six people moving at once makes noise. Once we see light at the end of this tunnel, we send one person to check the area ahead.

FRANK: Better safe than sorry.

YAWANA: Speaking of “better safe”, you know what? I feel like we may need another one of your famous “team building” sessions once we get out of here, Frank.

FRANK: I agree. I feel that we all need it.

NARRATOR: Reunited once more, the heroes traveled further into the cavern for what seemed like hours. Eventually, they began to see light ahead.

TALANA: I’ll dispel the light from the staff so we can see the exit better.

LEVANANCE: So, I guess one of us needs to go check and see if the area outside here is crawling with the dead as well?

FRANK: Yep. I’ll be right back.

ALRIC: No, that’s not a great idea.

FRANK: I was only going to look.

YAWANA: So what would you do if you looked out and something looked back?

FRANK: You know, it might be better if someone more experienced took a look.

LEVANANCE: I’ll go. I have good eyes for seeing things at a distance.

ALRIC: Be careful, Lev.

NARRATOR: As the others waited, Levanance walked to the exit of the cave and peered wasteland. To his north lay ancient ruins of what was once a grand city, teeming with the undead. To his east, he could see a nearby high walled city at the edge of the wasteland, seemingly untouched by the dead nearby.

LEVANANCE: So, brooding weather, undead nearby, and a city to prepare within. This has worked out almost too perfect.

NARRATOR: Turning, he motioned to the group who then joined him at the exit.

TALANA: Those old ruins are crawling with skeletons, zombies, and things I can’t even identify.

ALRIC: They seem to be congregating there, almost like it is their stronghold.

YAWANA: It could be. I mean, it may be where the leader is holed up.

LEVANANCE: My eyes count over a hundred, which will be ten times more once it is dark.

FRANK: How are these moving around in the daylight?

ALRIC: The stronger the dead are, the more capable they are to handling daylight.

MOG: So, make run for the city or go to ruins?

FRANK: That’s a great question, Mog. Let’s watch them for a little and see if we can learn anything.

NARRATOR: Back in the cave, Railoren Grey is having a second visitor in less than a day.

RAILOREN GREY: It is strange that I am having a second conversation today with someone I did not invite to my home.

ASHINORUNDOO: Railoren, I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever.

RAILOREN GREY: So this makes you the second person in less than a day. Both blessings and curses come in three’s, Ashi.

ASHINORUNDOO: I would hope that you are not cursed with my presence.

RAILOREN GREY: I do not know, because you have not told me the reason for your visit.

ASHINORUNDOO: The first one you met today. What did you think of him?

RAILOREN GREY: Small. Wet. Smelled of horse and fear.

ASHINORUNDOO: (chuckles) I didn’t say to describe him. I was aware of his looks. I wanted to know your opinion of him.

RAILOREN GREY: He was afraid, and yet he did not stop his advance. He once could have left, but turned to ask questions of me. He was curious, more curious than scared.

ASHINORUNDOO: Did you notice anything different about him?

RAILOREN GREY: Of course I did. How could I not?

ASHINORUNDOO: So, when the time comes-

RAILOREN GREY: Dear Ashi, forgive me, but I must be blunt. I have had enough of this world. I have seen all its peoples, and I have seen them at their best and their worst. I will not help.

ASHINORUNDOO: I will respect your decision even if I disagree with it.

RAILOREN GREY: And to spare the curse on the third visit, tell your brother the same goes for him. I am done with the world, whether the world is done with me or not.

NARRATOR: Back at the cavern exit, the group continued to watch the dead at the ruins.

ALRIC: I’m telling you, if they start coming at us, we can still outrun them to the city.

YAWANA: You’re tired, and Talana is still in no shape for a fight yet. If only fifty of them come at us…

MOG: Not certain dead would come. Not bothering city, and it full of people. Maybe not leave there before dark.

LEVANANCE: If we keep arguing like this, it will be dark before we come to a decision, and by then it will be too late.

TALANA: Frank, do we go, or do you think we can take them? I’m a little better.

NARRATOR: Frank knew she, Alric, and the others were tired. He was as well. If they could get to the leader before all of them came out at night, it would make stopping them much easier. But would it be better to wait and run to the city and hope to rest and prepare before a battle like this? Frank listened to the voices of the fates. Opening his eyes, he said…

NARRATOR: Well, what did Frank say? To be honest, I’m not entirely sure myself. Remember when I told you that you, the all-important listener, would be the steward of poor Frank’s fate? Well, you really are! What will Frank do next? You tell us.

NARRATOR: To do that, you can visit “LetsBeFrankThePodcast.Com” and click on one of the social media buttons at the top and tell us what you think Frank should do next, either on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. Remember, you are the fates controlling Frank’s fate. Let’s try not to let him down.

NARRATOR: Some of the music and sound effects in this podcast come from Tabletop Audio. If you running a game, the perfect background music and sound effects can be difficult to assemble. But, with Tabletop audio, you can play songs fitting your campaign and use sword clangs and magical bursts to set the mood for the adventure and take your game to the next level! For your next RPG game, visit and tell him that Levanance sent you.

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