It’s time, all-important listeners, for episode nine! When last we left, Frank and his friends were discussing whether or not to follow up on a report of zombies and skeletons! What will Frank do next?



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Episode Nine Script

NARRATOR: Welcome back to “Let’s Be Frank”, a storytelling podcast where you, the all important listener, get the opportunity to be one of the fates that directs Frank’s actions and decisions. When last we left, Frank and his friends were debating on whether or not to follow up on a rumor of zombies and skeletons! What will Frank do next? Many all-important listeners, including Tina, Stacey and Orlando, knew exactly what Frank needed to do. Frank turned to the group and said…

FRANK: I think he was telling the truth, too. Even if he’s wrong, or he misheard, we can’t just ignore the possibility.

LEVANANCE: I suppose we should focus on if he’s right instead of if he’s wrong.

FRANK: Exactly. Let’s mosey, gang!

NARRATOR: Frank rode off ahead, while the others watched.

YAWANA: Who’s going to tell him he’s heading the wrong way?

TALANA: Not me.

MOG: (loud)Frank! Frank! That go to wrong place!

ALRIC: If the village is west, then it probably lies in Inyf Allenlian, my father’s kingdom.

LEVANANCE: Does Frank always run off like that?

FRANK: (yelling distance)You know, this horse has a mind of it’s own when we’re not all riding together!

TALANA: Not normally. I guess the fates were louder than normal this time.

NARRATOR: Eventually the group caught and turned Frank onto the western trail. The ride all day was uneventful, and they made camp for the night near a small stream in the forest. As they were preparing the camp, Levanance approached Mog, who was gathering wood for the fire for later.

LEVANANCE: Mog, I would really like for us to be friends. Even if we’re not friends, at least brothers in arms fighting for a common goal.

MOG: How Mog feels not personal. Mog not completely understand Mogself.

LEVANANCE: It’s okay. We don’t have to push things. I trust you, Mog. Maybe you feel that we wouldn’t-

MOG: You… you trust Mog?

LEVANANCE: Of course. Why shouldn’t I?

MOG: Well, most do not trust Mog because… well, it complicated.

LEVANANCE: Because you’re an orc? Haha, oh Mog, “boothrahg bon daegorro”

NARRATOR: Mog looked up in surprise.

MOG: Lev speak orc?

LEVANANCE: Of course I do. I wanted to be able to talk with my friend, the one who gave me this knife.

NARRATOR: Mog looked once more to the orcish knife Levanance carried on his belt. Try as he might, he couldn’t shake the darkness he was feeling.

MOG: Then Lev understand “Poog no bakku chen don falor.”

LEVANANCE: “Beliefs from actions”, huh? Very well, Mog, I will strive to exemplify how much you can trust me.

NARRATOR: Meanwhile, Talana and Yawana sat and watched Alric teach Frank how to use a sword properly.

TALANA: It looks like Frank is taking the lessons seriously.

YAWANA: Yeah, he looks like he’s not too out of shape for it. Well, except that he wants to take breaks all the time.

TALANA: Having a new person will take some adjusting to get used to having.

YAWANA: You know, about that… I really don’t like him.

TALANA: Really? He saved our lives in that cave.

YAWANA: I wonder how he was able to see the carving from behind you before he filled in the lines with dirt?

TALANA: Shadows, maybe?

YAWANA: Your staff was the light source, and you were near the door. I just-

TALANA: I’m trusting him… for now.

YAWANA: (coyly) For now?

TALANA: It bothers me that Mog dislikes him so strongly.

YAWANA: Mog is a good judge of character.

TALANA: Look, he and Mog are over there talking. Mog doesn’t seem to be angry anymore.

YAWANA: Either that or he’s being good for Frank’s sake.

NARRATOR: The two watched as Levanance made his way towards Alric and Frank, who were taking another break.

ALRIC: You’re really going to have to start working on building up your stamina.

FRANK: I’m… Once I… rest up… I’ll start working… on stamina…

ALRIC: You’re picking up the technique fairly well. Hopefully this will keep you from breaking any more swords like you did on the Puppet Master.

FRANK: At least… I didn’t… break yours…

ALRIC: My sword? Don’t be absurd, Frank. This is no ordinary sword. This sword was forged in magic. Very rare.

FRANK: A magical sword?

ALRIC: Yes. “Dawn Bringer” is it’s name.

LEVANANCE: Every good sword should have a name.

NARRATOR: Levanance sat with them under the large oak tree and removed his blade. It was the first time either of them had the time to admire it, with its red-toned metal blade and intricate handle.

FRANK: That sword looks awesome, Lev!

ALRIC: Does it have a name?

LEVANANCE: Yes, it does. The man who bestowed this sword to me referred to it as “Fate’s Fury”.

NARRATOR: Alric’s stomach tightened a bit but held his composure.

FRANK: So what does it do?

LEVANANCE: Do? Well, when I stick things with the pointy end, they stop moving.

FRANK: I meant anything magical? I mean, some magic swords-

ALRIC: Most magical swords, Frank, are magically hardened and made beautiful. They don’t actually do magical things.

NARRATOR: Alric stared hard at Frank, who seemed to catch on.

FRANK: Oooooh! I get it. I mean, coming from a place with no magic, it’s still a little confusing to me, heh heh…

LEVANANCE: Well, it’s getting late. I’ll leave the two of you to finish your lesson. I’ll take the first watch for the night.

NARRATOR: Alric and Frank watched as Levanance walked closer to the forest, eyes scanning for anything coming towards the camp site. Alric turned back to Frank.

ALRIC: I would really prefer that you keep that bit of information about my sword a secret if you don’t mind, Frank.

FRANK: I don’t mind, but I’ll take it you don’t trust him either?

ALRIC: It’s not that, Frank. Do you remember when I first told you that my sword was magic?

FRANK: You didn’t. I found out in the king’s throne room when you threw it at me.

ALRIC: To you, Frank. Have you ever wondered why I never told you before then?

FRANK: I just assumed it never came up.

ALRIC: No, Frank. None of the others know either, unless Talana sensed it and told them when I wasn’t around.

FRANK: Why so secretive?

NARRATOR: Alric gripped the hilt of his sword in his hand tightly.

ALRIC: Frank, remember when I told you that crowns were rare, when discussing money? People will kill over crowns. Kings will wage war over magical swords if they are known to have magical effects.

FRANK: I see. Mum’s the word.

ALRIC: What word?


ALRIC: Frank, did I work you too hard?

FRANK: Never mind. We should get some rest.

NARRATOR: Alric and Frank returned to the fire side, made their beds and everyone went to sleep. The next morning, the group continued their trip. Late that evening, they began to see smoke in the distance.

FRANK: Chimney smoke?

YAWANA: Doesn’t look like it.

MOG: Not smell like it either. Mog smell burning people.

TALANA: Oh, no.

LEVANANCE: We have to hurry, then!

ALRIC: Not too quickly. If we have enemies there, best they not know we’re coming until we have arrived.

NARRATOR: The group picked up their pace and stayed as quiet as possible. As they began to exit the wood, they could see almost all of the homes, burning or smouldering. The group dismounted their horses to investigate.

ALRIC: Gods! What has happened here?

FRANK: This looks like a war zone.

YAWANA: War zone?

FRANK: Where I am from, it’s the location where the armies of two countries fight.

TALANA: We refer to that as a battlefield, but this looks more like a nightmare.

MOG: Many bodies. Also many skeletons. Look burned.

ALRIC: That’s because fire is one of the forces that does great damage to the undead.

FRANK: So the kid was right.

LEVANANCE: Frank, you were wise to see that. However, it is getting late, and I do not see any survivors.

ALRIC: You’re right, Lev. Mog, you’re with us. Frank, go with Yawana and Talana and wait for us at the edge of the village.

FRANK: Anything I can do to help?

ALRIC: You’re my friend, Frank. You’re helping me by going with them.

NARRATOR: Yawana took Frank by the elbow and lead him away towards the well. Alric then turned to face the others.

ALRIC: Mog, these people are dead, and tomorrow we will bury them. First, though, we need to take care of them, so they do not share the same fate as the ones who attacked them.

MOG: Mog is shaman. Mog will make certain dead people stay dead.

LEVANANCE: Right. While you’re doing that, Alric and I will be helping you.

MOG: How help Mog?

ALRIC: Mog, the only way a warrior is trained to stop an undead with a sword is damage to their heads.

MOG: So you defile bodies?

ALRIC: No, Mog, it’s not like that…

MOG: Mog take care of people. Alric and Lev watch over Mog while he works.

NARRATOR: Mog reached into his bag and pulled out a solid white dagger.

MOG: Maybe Alric and Lev learn something if pay attention.

NARRATOR: As Mog began final rites for the slain villagers, Yawana, Talana and Frank waited by the well just outside the village.

YAWANA: I see a lot of tracks, both people and, well, other things. But, I didn’t see any on the trail coming in nor this trail going out.

TALANA: That evidence suggests they came from the forest, but not from the trails.

FRANK: Their graveyard looked untouched, so the skeletons didn’t come from there.

YAWANA: Exacwa.. exict… bleh, cotton mouth.

NARRATOR: Yawana took the bucket and tossed it into the well. Instead of a splash, she heard a muffled thunk.


NARRATOR: The three looked at one another and then into the well. About ten feet down, sitting on a board wedged against the stone walls of the well, sat a girl.

YAWANA: Well, lookie what we have here.

TALANA: It’s okay. We’re here to help.

JOYLIN: Are they gone? The dead people?

FRANK: Yeah, yeah, they’re gone. Grab a hold of that rope and we’ll haul you up.

NARRATOR: After grabbing the rope, the three pulled the young girl from the well.

TALANA: Are you injured?

JOYLIN: No, I was here getting water when the dead started pouring out from the wood.

YAWANA: Which direction were they coming from?

JOYLIN: All of them.

FRANK: Did they seem to have a leader, anything grouping or controlling them?

JOYLIN: No, not that I could see.

TALANA: That was an observant question, Frank. Did you have trouble with the dead in your world?

FRANK: Me? Oh, no, but I watched a lot of television, and thought that if the white walkers had leaders, like the Night King, maybe these would as well.

YAWANA: White walkers?

TALANA: Night king?

JOYLIN: Television?

FRANK: It’s a long story. The important thing is that now you’re safe.

JOYLIN: No, we’re not.

TALANA: It’s okay. We have a shaman and warriors with us. Those who have fallen will not rise again.

YAWANA: We’ll bury them properly tomorrow.

JOYLIN: No, you don’t understand.

FRANK: What don’t we understand?

JOYLIN: It’s dark again. They’ll come back. They came two nights ago. Most hid in their homes and by morning they were gone. Last night they came back and burned most of our homes.

NARRATOR: Alric, Lev, and Mog were nearby making their way towards the well.

JOYLIN: It’s like they’re after something. We have to hide, but there’s no where else for all of us to hide!

NARRATOR: As the last rays of sunlight crept behind the canopy of trees surrounding them, everyone began hearing a rustling in the forest.

JOYLIN: It’s them. It’s them!

LEVANANCE: Now calm down. Night is when a lot of harmless animals come out to hunt for food.

NARRATOR: Suddenly, the underbrush shook violently as all manner of the dead began making their way out quickly. As the girl ran back to the well and climbed over, she lost her footing and fell.

FRANK: No you don’t!

NARRATOR: Being the closest, Frank reached out and grabbed the girl by the ankle to stop her fall, and just like that, both disappeared into the well with a splash at the bottom.

YAWANA: Talana, light our arrows!

NARRATOR: Mog and Alric fought the dead that were too close for arrows while Yawana and Levanance were striking the dead with flaming arrows.

LEVANANCE: Hah! I could do this all night!

YAWANA: At least until we run out of arrows!

NARRATOR: Alric looked to the well cap.

ALRIC: On my word, everyone into the well!

MOG: Mog no climb-

ALRIC: Then jump and Frank will catch you!

TALANA: I can buy us some time.

ALRIC: Now’s the time we need fire the size of a house!

TALANA: I can do one better!

NARRATOR: After a short chant, a wall of fire encircling the group formed, and the dead stopped at its edge.

TALANA: It won’t…last.. long…

NARRATOR: Talana collapsed, the strain of the magic finally taking its toll.

YAWANA: Talana!

ALRIC: Yawana, climb down and move Frank and the girl so Mog can jump. Levanance, begin climbing down the moment Mog jumps!

YAWANA: What about Talana?

ALRIC: I will carry her. Now go!

NARRATOR: Yawana flipped over into the well, using her feet to bounce from side to side like taking tall steps until she ended up with a very wet Frank.

YAWANA: Are you two okay?


FRANK: I almost landed on the soft water. Luckily the board that came loose broke my fall. Did you know there’s a cavern down here?

YAWANA: Really? Show me now!

NARRATOR: As Frank and Joylin took Yawana into the cave, Mog fell from the top with a splash.

MOG: Needed bath anyway.

NARRATOR: Above them, Levanance began to enter the well to climb down as Alric struggled to situate Talana on his back.

LEVANANCE: Are you sure you don’t want me to do that?

ALRIC: I am certain. From what I can tell, she’s been carrying a lot for a long time without me knowing. I don’t mind carrying her for a while.

NARRATOR: As Levanance moved downward, Alric took the well cap and leaned it against the outside of the well. He took the rope from the well and tied it to the handle on the center of the cap.

ALRIC: I know you probably can’t hear me, but… Talana, I really am sorry, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

TALANA: I can… hear you… I’m tired… not dead…

NARRATOR: Alric glanced and saw the flames beginning to fade and the dead beginning to move once more.

ALRIC: Hold on!

NARRATOR: As Alric climbed in, he slid the cap over the well and grabbed the rope, letting his and Talana’s weight be the lock that the dead could not move. Slowly, they made their way down in now complete darkness.

ALRIC: Yawana! Are we close to the bottom?!

YAWANA: (wsp) Really close!

NARRATOR: Alric jumped, nearly losing his grip.

ALRIC: Gods, woman! Are you trying to kill me?

YAWANA: Ha ha ha…

NARRATOR: As he reached bottom, Alric had Mog take Talana a moment while he wedged the board and tied the cap to it.

ALRIC: That should buy us some time. Does anyone have a dry torch?

TALANA: My… staff…

ALRIC: Thank you, Talana, but you’ve done enough for today. We’ll take it from here.

TALANA: Give it… to… Frank…

NARRATOR: Frank made his way to the voices when he heard his name. Alric handed Frank the staff.

TALANA: Speak the words…

NARRATOR: And with that, Talana slipped off into unconsciousness.

YAWANA: Great. I don’t have any torches.

ALRIC: Neither do I.

MOG: Mog’s took bath. So did Frank’s.

FRANK: Guys, was she wanting me to say the words she said last time to make the staff glow?

ALRIC: I would assume so.

YAWANA: The only problem is the words are magic. It’s not normal like just reading.

FRANK: So I can’t just say “Lux et iter nostrum” and touch the top?

NARRATOR: And just like that, the staff began to glow. Everyone was quiet as their eyes adjusted to see a very surprised Frank.

FRANK: Um, what just happened?

ALRIC: Congratulations, Frank, you just cast your first spell successfully. Do not ever quote Talana randomly again.

YAWANA: We’ll get back to that another time. Awesome that we can see but I think we’re stuck.

MOG: Not stuck. Follow cave. Stupid cave. Mog hates caves.

NARRATOR: Reaching behind his breastplate, Alric offered Frank a clean handkerchief.

ALRIC: Do you require this?

FRANK: I don’t think so. Even though it’s a cave and there’s water, there doesn’t seem to be anything affecting me. At least, not right now.

YAWANA: Kid, any idea where this leads?

JOYLIN: Not really. A little boy fell in a couple of years ago and his father discovered it when he came down to rescue him. Some thought it went to the lake.

YAWANA: You know, we could just wait it out until morning and head out then. They can’t come out in the daylight.

ALRIC: True, but if they get through that cap, and they started falling in with us, they could fight us day and night underground.

LEVANANCE: And there’s no guarantee that there would be a safe way to get out on the other end of this tunnel.

MOG: Other things can live in caves too. Like bears.

YAWANA: Bears?

ALRIC: In an underground cave connected to a lake and a well?

MOG: Maybe bear fall in well.

LEVANANCE: There’s not really a clear cut answer on this. Don’t you guys think that now would be a perfect time for Frank to do his thing?

ALRIC: That’s not a terribly bad idea.

MOG: Frank always have right answer.

YAWANA: So, Frank, whatcha gonna do?

NARRATOR: Frank knew he needed help. Do they stay and wait for morning and risk the dead breaking through before then, or do they strike out into the unknown and hope there’s light at the end of the tunnel? Frank closed his eyes and called out to the fates, trying to explain his situation. He then looked up at the group and he said…

Well, what did Frank say? To be honest, I’m not entirely sure myself. Remember when I told you that you, the all-important listener, would be the steward of poor Frank’s fate? Well, you really are! What will Frank do next? You tell us. To do that, you can visit “LetsBeFrankThePodcast.Com” and click on the “What Would Frank Do?” button and tell us what you think Frank should do next. You can also join us on our Facebook page to let us know there, or leave a comment in the comments area on our YouTube channel. Remember, you are the fates controlling Frank’s fate. Let’s try not to let him down.

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The rest of the music comes from Kevin MacLeod’s brilliant web site If you’re looking for music for your podcast, Kevin has composed more than 2,000 royalty-free songs released under the creative commons license.So, when you need music, think, and tell him that Frank sent you.

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