Lore of this World

It is here that you will find information that is connected to the world that we are building. It is broken down into four primary categories: People, Places, Things, and Ideas.


Alric – Former Prince Alric Eggund is the second son of the late King of Erron Eggund. He is trained in seven different forms of sword and hand-to-hand combat. He also fancies himself to be quite the lady’s man.

Archmagus Tannin – House mage for the king of Auvendale. Was manipulated by an entity to do it’s bidding against the king. Pardoned by the king after the discovery.

Ashinorundoo – Ashinorundoo is the Ork Goddess who chose and transported Frank to the medieval realm at the behest of one of her followers. She wears a pink ribbon twined through her hair.

Queen Auriney – Wife of King Jerriman of Auvendale, was also manipulated by the Puppet Master into helping destroy her husband. Was pardoned by the king after the discovery.

King Elric Eggund – First-born son of the late Erron Eggund, he currently rules a kingdom within this empire.

Frank – Frank is a late twenty-something accountant from Chattanooga, TN who was hand-picked by an Ork Goddess to be “The Chosen One” for a hapless group of adventurers in a medieval realm. Frank has allergies to mold and pollen so he tends to have a runny nose and watering eyes. He also has a cat at home name Beelzebub.

The Gatekeeper – He is a gnome of which little is known; he is found more often than not asleep at a crossroads, according to legends.

Lord Grantham – Best friend and closest advisor to King Jerriman of Auvendale. Was manipulated by an entity to do it’s bidding against the king. Pardoned by the king after the discovery.

General Hovahn – King Jerriman’s head general of the armies and son of one of his best friends. He is loyal, and always ready to serve his king. Was manipulated by an entity to do it’s bidding against the king. Pardoned by the king after the discovery.

King Jerriman – Current King of Auvendale. An older king, he does not yet have an heir, but has a young queen to help remedy this problem.

Levanance – Traveling swordsman who joined Frank and the group first to just save the kids, but later to continue traveling with them. He did this from a formed alliance with Shondour, which the group is unaware of as yet.

Mog – Mog is a male ork warrior, Shaman for his tribe, and acupuncturist healer. He is a follower of the Goddess Ashinorundoo. He performed a ritual to summon a hero; the Goddess brought him Frank.

Montrovos – Talana’s teacher who she says was a cruel and hateful man. She implied that he was abusive.

Puppet Master – What appeared to be an extra-dimensional being that was attempting to force the overthrow of Auvendale as well as destroy Frank and the rest of the group. Though it did not die in the failure, Shondour saw fit to end its existence shortly thereafter.

Shanna – Serving girl at an inn where Frank learned of the fate of her sister. Although she seems to like Frank before he left, his “manner of return” left her cool, even though he did rescue her little sister.

Shondour – The second God of the current duality. He is an evil god, and has every intention of taking advantage of his father’s placement of Ashinorundoo as his balance. He sees Frank as a danger and hopes to eliminate him sooner rather than later.

Talana – Talana is a run-away mage apprentice. She had a cruel and abusive mentor. She is also the voice of intelligent reason at times.

Yawana – Yawana is a young bard who is incorrigible and outrageous. Her usually inappropriate (and often poorly timed) flirting is enough to have the others remind her “Now’s not the best time for that, Yawana!”



Auvendale – Crown City ruled by King Jerriman

The Leaky Stein – The Leaky Stein is located in the crown city of Auvendale. It is renowned through all the lands as being one of the best inns in all of the empire.