Let’s be Frank is an interactive, fantasy-based, storytelling podcast. It is released every two weeks on Friday. However, this page isn’t about the podcast. This page is about us, the cast and crew of Let’s be Frank.
  • We are all family here, some by blood and some by heart through the spirit of friendship. This makes for a very enjoyable “work” environment.
  • The podcast is the brainchild of Burt. He is our writer and narrator. You will also hear him as the voice of the narrator and other occasional male secondary characters.
  • Kenney is the man of a million voices. He gives you Frank and Mog each week. Kenney’s pastimes include creating game breaking D&D characters and making his own paper!
  • The orc goddess, Ashinorondu, is voiced by Angela. She is also a singer who can be heard performing at several local festivals. Angie has played several roles in Bard Competitions (yes, that’s really a thing). She will stepping in provide voice of other secondary female characters throughout the series.
  • Prince Alric is given life by Robert (or Robbie Rotten as we affectionately call him). He has also performed some award-winning film acting. Robbie enjoys steampunk and anime conventions in his down time.
  • Talana is voiced by the sweetheart of our group, Deidra. In her free time, she can be found trying to thwart Robbie in his constant shenanigans. She’s an avid convention volunteer and attendee. Dei loves to help others in their quests (no pun intended) and animals.
  • The bard with the questionable morals, Yawana, is brought to you by Roseanna… when we can get her to put her book down. She is not a book worm; she is a book dragon. Not only is she a voice in the podcast, she’s also Burt’s lifelong partner in crime (30 yrs)! Because of her vocal range, Rosie will also be voicing any pixies and fairies that Frank and Friends may encounter.