It’s time, all-important listeners, for episode eleven! When last we left, our heroes had made their way from the underground caverns to the wasteland above, only to discover more undead in ancient ruins and another walled city nearby! What will Frank do next?

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Episode Eleven Script:

NARRATOR: Welcome back to “Let’s Be Frank”, a storytelling podcast where you, the all important listener, get the opportunity to be one of the fates that directs Frank’s actions and decisions.

NARRATOR: When last we left, our heroes had made their way from the underground caverns to the wasteland above, only to discover more undead in ancient ruins and another walled city nearby! What will Frank do next?

NARRATOR: Several all-important listeners, like Samantha, Conner and Leigh to name a few, reminded Frank of one thing everyone seemed to be forgetting, which was…

FRANK: In case no one else remembers, we have a guest with us as well.

NARRATOR: Everyone turned to look at Joylin, who smiled meekly in response.

YAWANA: That’s right! Say, Joylin, I don’t think you have any experience in fighting hordes of the undead, do you?

JOYLIN: I can tell you the best places to hide when they are after you.

ALRIC: Then it’s settled. We leave our cover and make haste towards the city. With any luck, due to proximity, those in the city may help us if need be.

YAWANA: I’m still not convinced that we can outrun them to the city if the dead leave the ruins and come after us.

MOG: Mog know! Mog have answer!

TALANA: What is it, Mog?

MOG: (whistles loudly)

ALRIC: What are you doing?!? The whole horde will know we’re here!

MOG: Mog remembered something.

ALRIC: Are you serious? Did you just whistle for the horses?

MOG: Mog’s horse trained. Other horses follow Mog’s horse because it smart horse.

FRANK: So it his owner, apparently.

LEVANANCE: With horses, we should be able to outrun anything they have out right now.

ALRIC: We should start moving quickly, regardless. It looks like they are already heading out of the ruins, coming toward the horses they can see. Joylin, you ride with me. Everyone else, let’s go!

FRANK: So, what do we do if they won’t open the gates and let us in?

ALRIC: Just keep riding until we lose them, I suppose.

NARRATOR: As the group approached the city, the massive steel portcullis was raised long enough for them to enter.

GATE GUARD: Greetings, strangers. We received a report from the wall watch of a group coming in from the wastelands.

FRANK: And are we glad you guys let us in!

TALANA: Have the dead always been out there in the ruins?

GATE GUARD: Well, everyone knew the ruins were haunted, so locals always avoided them. During the past few months, though, things have been getting weird out there.

LEVANANCE: Any idea on who or what could be behind it?

GATE GUARD: Yes and no. There’s been a dark, hooded person milling about out there, and the dead seem to pay him no heed. But, he’s too far away to get a good look at him, and he’s never been spotted coming into the city.

TALANA: Good sir, where might we find the stables?

GATE GUARD: For those brave steeds? To your left there, and follow the wall. Mantin’s the stabler there. Tell ’em Dondi sent ya, he’ll treat you good.

TALANA: Thank you, sir.

JOYLIN: Frank, I have family here, so I can go to them. Thank you for getting me here safely.

FRANK: Think nothing of it.

ALRIC: Exactly. Remember, he got lost in the caverns. We got you out.

JOYLIN: You guys are awesome when you’re not bickering. Thanks again!

NARRATOR: And with that, Joylin left the group to find her family in the city. Later that evening, the group sat around a table finishing their evening meal.

YAWANA: Talana, why don’t you go rest before you fall asleep in your stew.

TALANA: If I did that, I would have potatoes in my eyes but not eyes on my potatoes.

MOG: (hilarious laughter)

ALRIC: Yep, she’s tired. Good night, Talana.

YAWANA: You too, little prince. You should be getting some rest as well.

ALRIC: Call me little prince one more time, you crass little fustilug, and I’ll-

YAWANA: (laughing) You’re already babbling nonsense, Alric. Go to sleep.

NARRATOR: Soon, everyone was upstairs for a rest, except for Yawana and Frank.

YAWANA: So, that just leaves you and me.

FRANK: Well, I was going to take a break before I-

YAWANA: Before you do, can we talk about Levanance a minute?

FRANK: I’ll take it you’re not happy with him being in the group still?

YAWANA: It has nothing to do with happiness, Frank. He’s up to something, I know it.

FRANK: Then tell me. Tell me what you know.

YAWANA: In the other city, Mog carried me to bed because I was drunk, remember?

FRANK: Yeah, I remember.

YAWANA: I wasn’t. I needed to see my guildmaster again, but I knew Mog would want to go, and I didn’t want to fight that fight.

FRANK: So after he carried you to bed?

YAWANA: I slipped out after a few minutes and started looking for all of the signs to find the guild in that town. I never actually made it to the guild, though.

FRANK: What happened?

YAWANA: I was on my way when I saw Levanance coming towards me. I scaled a tree so he wouldn’t go tell Mog and the rest of you I was out and about. I was going to wait for him to pass, but as he got closer, I started getting cold, and he stopped directly under the tree I was in.

FRANK: What was he doing?

YAWANA: For a minute? Nothing. Then he just started talking. I was up high, so I couldn’t hear anything in the beginning. The funny part was there was no one else out there.

FRANK: Was he just talking to himself?

YAWANA: No. He was turning his head, moving his hands. No, I think he was talking to someone.

FRANK: Someone you couldn’t see?

YAWANA: I guess. I tried sliding down a little at a time, but that tree made noise if you moved too fast.

FRANK: Did you ever make out anything he was saying?

YAWANA: Something about his power, whatever that means. He was also talking about Mog being a shaman and Mog not trusting him.

FRANK: What are the chances that he was trying to work out how to fit into the group better?

YAWANA: Why is it that you can’t seem to imagine Levanance as possibly being a bad person?

FRANK: Why is it that everyone seems bent on that idea when we haven’t seen anything-

YAWANA: Alric and Lev drew swords on one another in the cave when we were separated, Frank. Did you know that?

FRANK: No, I had no idea.

YAWANA: That’s because Alric is too proud to admit he was wrong to anyone but himself. And Lev doesn’t share anything.

FRANK: Tell you what. We’ll do a team-building exercise before we go and we’ll see how that goes.

YAWANA: It needs to be better than the last few days, Frank. I’m not sure how many more of those I can take.

NARRATOR: Yawana left Frank alone with his thoughts. He felt there was something to what she said. He remembered Lev’s comment to Alric in the cave just before the collapse, but he also remembered Lev saving him as well.

JINLI: So, I’ll take that as a yes.

FRANK: Eh? Oh, I’m sorry…

JINLI: Not a problem. You looked deep in thought. All the other tables were taken, and you look like a nice enough person.

FRANK: Oh, sure, have a seat! I wasn’t paying attention. I was trying to think through some problems when… um, you know, there’s hardly anyone else up right now.

JINLI: And it took you just that long to figure it out.

NARRATOR: Frank studied the young woman before him. To him, she seemed familiar, until finally…

FRANK: Whew! I am so glad you’re not dead!

JINLI: Wait, what? You remember me? You couldn’t even see me.

FRANK: I heard your voice. I saw your expressions. I knew it was you.

JINLI: I was wearing a mask.

FRANK: And yet I knew. You’re not hurt anymore, are you?

JINLI: No, and to be honest, I’m not sure how that part happened. I should be dead.

FRANK: Yet here you are. And I am happy. That means that I did not kill you, which means my record is spotless!

JINLI: You travel with those friends of yours and have never killed anyone?

FRANK: Not once. Neither have they. Well, creatures and undead aside. Wait. Do those count?

JINLI: I hope not, or the battlegrounds I go to when I die will be filled to the brim with rabbits, squirrels, and deer.

FRANK: So, is this where you ended up?

JINLI: No, but it is where I headed. I heard you were coming this way.

FRANK: You didn’t come to try to finish the job, did you?

JINLI: No, Frank. Nothing like that. I came to ask your forgiveness. From you and your friends.

FRANK: Done.

JINLI: Just like that?

FRANK: Yep. Unless there were supposed to be, I don’t know, lights and music, but that’s never happened to me before.

JINLI: You are a strange one, Frank Punyman.

FRANK: Eh, thanks, I guess. Are you going to be in town long?

JINLI: Maybe. Why do you ask?

FRANK: I can forgive you no problem. You’ll have to talk to the rest of the group, but I’m pretty sure they’ll be cool with it if I am.

JINLI: Very well, Frank. When should I be here?

FRANK: Well, I would say this evening, but we have a meeting that I cannot miss with them. How about you join us for breakfast tomorrow morning?

JINLI: Very well. Until later then, Frank.

FRANK: Um, can I ask you your name?

JINLI: It’s Jinli.

FRANK: That’s a nice name. Does it mean something like a flower, or a bird…

JINLI: It means ‘violent death’. Goodnight.

NARRATOR: And with that, Jinli left the inn. Frank went to his room to rest a bit. Later that evening, Talana and Levanance were downstairs.

LEVANANCE: You know, this stew is pretty good.

TALANA: What I ate was good, what I remember eating of it.

LEVANANCE: I am glad you’re feeling better. Alric did a fine job of taking care of you while you rested in the cave.

TALANA: I think he really feels bad for what happened before.

LEVANANCE: I’ll be honest, Talana. I’m not so sure. I mean, I think he’s sorry you figured him out.

TALANA: I don’t think-

LEVANANCE: But just earlier before you passed out, there he was, making those ‘fire as big as a house’ comments again.

TALANA: He was probably just joking…

LEVANANCE: Or maybe he was just testing the waters to see if you were over it? I’m telling you, you let him know what life would be like without you once, it would cure a lot of his issues.

TALANA: But what if he got hurt?

LEVANANCE: Pain attaches to memories, making them easier to remember. I mean, I’m sure not one day goes by without you having to remember your teacher, does it?

TALANA: No. Not really.

LEVANANCE: He will remember to respect you longer. I promise. Well, I need to get a few supplies before this team thing Frank will be having us do.

TALANA: Be safe, Levanance.

LEVANANCE: You as well, Talana.

MOG: Was that Lev leaving?

TALANA: Yes. He said something about getting supplies.

MOG: What Lev talking about? Looked intense.

TALANA: We were… talking about the stew, and how he liked it as much as I did.

ALRIC: Good evening, all.

MOG: Alric already up?

ALRIC: Yes, I was sleeping peacefully, but you stopped snoring and it woke me.

MOG: Mog no understand.

YAWANA: That means he’s just getting used to it, that’s all.

ALRIC: I wouldn’t say I was growing accustomed to the sound necessarily…

YAWANA: You just can’t sleep without it?

ALRIC: So, is the stew good?


NARRATOR: Everyone sat around the table, eating and talking, and a little later Frank joined them.

FRANK: Good morning, gang!

ALRIC: It’s not morning, Frank. Mog just stopped snoring.

FRANK: I missed something, didn’t I?

YAWANA: Now all we need is for Lev to get back for us to have that team building session, right Frank?

FRANK: Yep. That’s right. We’re going to do something different this time around.

MOG: No magic spoon?

ALRIC: Let’s hope not, Mog. Don’t you remember what happened to the last one?

MOG: No. What?

TALANA: Frank ended up with it in his mouth.

FRANK: I’d rather we didn’t talk about that.

LEVANANCE: Sorry. It appears I am late.

FRANK: Nope. You’re right on time. Let’s go out to the stables. We’re going to play the trust game.

NARRATOR: With that, the group proceeded to Follow Frank to the stables. Mantin the stableman greeted Frank and told him he had the hay barn ready for them. Walking inside, the floor was covered about a foot deep in straw, with a short cart blocked in the middle of the room.

FRANK: So, for today’s team building exercise, we’re going to play the trust game. The objective of this game is to learn to trust one another in a way you never have before.

MOG: Mog excited! Mog likes games. Mog especially likes Kick the Chicken.

TALANA: Is that a game?

MOG: It is the way Mog play it.

ALRIC: Might get you killed if you’re not careful…

FRANK: Okay, listen up. One at a time, someone will climb up into this wagon and face away from the group. Then, one person will be chosen, secretly, as their partner.

YAWANA: Sounds simple enough. What so they do?

FRANK: The one in the cart closes their eyes and falls backwards. Their partner will catch them before they hit the ground.

LEVANANCE: This is an odd sounding game, Frank.

ALRIC: Oh, I don’t know, Lev. I mean, imagine if we were chosen.

FRANK: Well, you see, that’s the thing. Everyone will know who will be getting up on the cart. The person in the cart, however, will have no idea who I chose to catch them.

TALANA: This doesn’t sound pleasant.

FRANK: This teaches you some basic skills in trust and allows you to better understand how none of us will let the others down.

MOG: Sound like fun. Mog go first.

NARRATOR: As Mog climbed into the cart, the others looked to Frank. Frank motioned at all of them, then pointed to Mog, then raised his hand to indicate his largeness.

MOG: Mog fall now.

EVERYONE: (grunts from catch)

YAWANA: Gotcha, big guy!

FRANK: Now, when you closed your eyes, Mog, were you afraid?

MOG: Only little. Imagined Talana had been chosen. Trust Talana, but Talana small. Talana could go squish.

FRANK: See? Mog’s only concern was the physical limitations of the individual, not their willingness to try. That’s important, especially in trust.

ALRIC: So, who’s up next?

FRANK: That would be Levanance.

NARRATOR: Levanance climbed into the cart facing away from everyone. Frank pointed to himself and braced himself behind Lev. As he fell, Frank caught him, but Levanance’s size took them both to the ground.

LEVANANCE: That was a valiant effort, Frank.

FRANK: So, Lev, were you worried when you fell?

LEVANANCE: Only that Alric might be chosen.

FRANK: I see. And why is that?

LEVANANCE: To be honest, Frank, I said some rather harsh things to him when we were in the cave together. I have felt bad about it.

FRANK: So, how do you think we can fix this?

LEVANANCE: Alric, I’m sorry. I pushed you when I thought it would be a good thing for you. Apparently, it wasn’t. My intentions, though misguided, were noble. Will you accept my apology?

ALRIC: I will, Lev. You must understand, though. I forgive those who have wronged me, but I never forget the wrong done.

FRANK: Exactly, you can use it as a lesson, both of you. Alric, would you let Levanance be the one to catch you next?

NARRATOR: Alric stared hard at Frank, but moved to the cart and climbed in. Levanance began to move, but Frank motioned him to stop and sent over Mog instead.

FRANK: Ready when you are, Alric.

NARRATOR: There was only the slightest hesitation before Alric crossed his arms and fell backwards.

ALRIC: I… I thought you said Lev was going to catch me?

FRANK: It goes to show you that you fell believing it was him, but understand that we’re all here for you. We’re in this group to catch each other.

YAWANA: So, do I get to go next?

FRANK: If you’d like.

NARRATOR: Yawana moved to the cart and flipped into the back. Frank motioned to Levanance to catch her.

YAWANA: Here I come!

NARRATOR: Yawana started falling before anyone was ready. Levanance lunged forward, sliding on his knees to get low enough to catch Yawana before she landed on the floor.

YAWANA: You know, I was really hoping it was Frank that was going to catch me.

FRANK: And why is that?

NARRATOR: Levanance sat Yawana down and she moved across the room to Frank.

YAWANA: Because you couldn’t have moved that fast, and I would have hit the ground, then I could have teased you for months about it.

FRANK: Were you afraid when you fell?

YAWANA: No. But Levanance catching me doesn’t prove anything or cause me to trust him. If you wanted to measure that, you should have asked me to throw him.

FRANK: Yawana…

YAWANA: I could have thrown him about as far as I trust him.

NARRATOR: Yawana then walked to the exit of the hay barn.

YAWANA: I’m going to get ready for the fight we’re going to have tomorrow. I couldn’t leave it like that with a clear conscience.

TALANA: Yawana…

ALRIC: What are you saying, Yawana?

YAWANA: I mean, When this is over, I might be done. I don’t know. Ask me when the fight’s over.

NARRATOR: And with that, Yawana left the room.

FRANK: Okay. Not too awkward or anything… Talana, it’s your turn next.

TALANA: I don’t think I want to.

MOG: Talana no trust…

TALANA: No, Mog. It’s not that. I just think she doesn’t need to be alone right now.

NARRATOR: With that, Talana left the barn trying to catch up with Yawana.

FRANK: Not how I had planned this.

LEVANANCE: I’ll admit it seems like things have gotten tense since I came into the group, Frank.

FRANK: Lev, you don’t-

LEVANANCE: If you think it is me, Frank, just say the word. You guys are doing some incredible work. Maybe I just wasn’t cut out for a group like this. If you want me to go, Frank, I’ll go.

FRANK: I’m not doing that, Lev. We’re adapting to a new group dynamic. Change is never easy for anyone. We’ll get through it as a team. Right, Alric?

ALRIC: Sure, Frank. I’m heading in for the evening.

NARRATOR: Slowly, the group headed back indoors. Most of them ate meals later that evening. However, no one saw Yawana or Talana for the remainder of the day.

NARRATOR: The next morning, the group headed downstairs for an early meal before making their plans.

YAWANA: I’m telling you, Alric. I asked around yesterday. We’ll get no help here. They’re scared.

ALRIC: I was just thinking if we had more people, we’d fare better in the long run.

MOG: Mog feel we can take them.

TALANA: That’s the spirit, Mog.

MOG: And if not, then we will have died an honorable death.

NARRATOR: Mog offered Talana a small stick wrapped in twine. He began passing them out to the others.

TALANA: What’s this?

MOG: Talisman. If die tomorrow, Talana go straight to Ashinorundoo, will not turn into undead. Protect Talana’s soul.

ALRIC: Thank you, Mog.

TALANA: Weirdly, this actually makes me feel a lot better about all of this.

LEVANANCE: I feel like, with our combined talents, we will emerge victorious today.

YAWANA: Look, Frank’s already at the table.

FRANK: Come on over, guys. There’s something else I want to discuss with you. It’s kind of important.

NARRATOR: The others made their way to different seats around the table. A young barmaid brought the group plates and drinks before Frank started.

FRANK: As I’m sure you noticed, we have an extra seat at the table this morning.

MOG: Wasn’t certain if seat for someone or if Frank really hungry.

FRANK: No, the seat is for someone that will be joining us for the meal. She wanted to speak with everyone.

YAWANA: So, you know this girl?

FRANK: Yeah, it’s complicated, but I’ll explain when she- wait, here she is.

NARRATOR: The group turned to see a young woman enter in simple attire, with a small bag on her belt and a short sword on her back. Mog stood up.

YAWANA: What’s up, Mog?

MOG: Mog being respectful.

TALANA: You never do that when we come to the table…

MOG: But, you are friends. This girl-

ALRIC: Mog, for all that is holy, do not finish that sentence and sit down.

MOG: But-

ALRIC: (wsp) I will explain later.

NARRATOR: Mog sat down as the woman reached the table.

FRANK: Everyone, this is Jinli.

JINLI: Hello everyone.

MOG: Greetings, Jinli.

LEVANANCE: It looks like Frank saved you a spot. Please join us.

FRANK: First, let’s eat. Then, we discuss two pieces of business. Then, we get rid of those undead.

NARRATOR: As the group ate, many glances were directed to both Frank and Jinli, as well as curious glances at one another.

FRANK: So, now that we’re done, we’ll get right to business. The first part is for Jinli.

YAWANA: You know, we’ve known you since you’ve been here, Frank, and I don’t remember her.

JINLI: That’s because when we met I was wearing a mask.

FRANK: Guys, do you remember how the puppet master was controlling everyone in the throne room back in Auvendale?

NARRATOR: The table fell quiet as realization set in for most of the heroes.

MOG: She… it was her?

TALANA: It couldn’t be.

ALRIC: Frank, I am hoping there will be an explanation forthcoming immediately.

YAWANA: Another stray?

FRANK: Guys, don’t be like that. She was being controlled kinda like the others.

JINLI: I really am sorry for what happened.

LEVANANCE: So you’re saying someone dragged you from your home and forced you to do whatever it was you did?

JINLI: No, I am not. I was a bounty hunter once. I was lured into a deal with promises that would be broken. I was used.

YAWANA: So, did you come back to try to finish what you started?

JINLI: No. I came back to repay a debt.

TALANA: The only thing you would owe people here was an apology, and you’ve offered that.

JINLI: No, I wanted to apologize to all of you, but my debt is with Frank.

MOG: Why? What you think you owe Frank?

JINLI: My life.

NARRATOR: Jinli took a sip from her cup and continued.

JINLI: In that battle, when Frank took the second sword and came at me, I knew it was over. Up close, I could feel the sword had been forged in magic. So, I prepared for the worst.

LEVANANCE: But that wasn’t the worst, was it?

JINLI: No, it wasn’t. Frank could have easily stabbed me through the heart, but he did not. The core of power, that which controlled me… that is where his blade found its mark.

TALANA: So when he stabbed it, that is why you exploded?

JINLI: The power exploded and I was pulled from the area, powerless to stop. I should have died that day. I still don’t know why I didn’t.

ALRIC: I know a lot of people were hoping for it.

FRANK: Alric. That’s the temper we talked about. Remember, words have consequences.

NARRATOR: Alric glanced only a moment at Talana, then relaxed in his seat once more.

JINLI: Frank says you are going to the ruins to stop the darkness within it. I want to help.

MOG: Extra hands not hurt…

TALANA: I don’t know…

YAWANA: Why don’t you just stop time like you did with Frank and destroy them all on your own?

NARRATOR: Levanance looked surprised, then studied Jinli more carefully.

JINLI: That was a perversion of another power, one given to me. It twists the mind and clouds judgment, until you are no longer in control of your own thoughts and actions.

ALRIC: So, you’re just a bounty hunter now, correct?

JINLI: Not exactly. I think that my skills will come in handy in the upcoming fight. I want to help. I want to repay my debt.

FRANK: I told you, you don’t owe me anything.

JINLI: Then think of it as something I feel I owe to myself.

LEVANANCE: Well, I for one have a good feeling about her. What about you, Mog? Yawana said you were the best judge of character she knew.

NARRATOR: Mog turned to look at Jinli carefully.

MOG: Mog feel she telling the truth.

LEVANANCE: It’s decided then! Welcome aboard for the battle ahead, Jinli.

NARRATOR: After going over a few strategies, the group set out on foot into the wastelands in the late morning sun.

ALRIC: With this much light, and not a cloud in the sky, it will be the perfect day for this attempt.

NARRATOR: They began taking cover as they neared the ruins. The front of the palace was the least damaged. At less than a hundred yards, the sights and sounds of the grounds were coming into sharp focus.

LEVANANCE: (wsp)This is bad. I spot over two hundred, and I don’t see that cloaked figure they talked about.

YAWANA: (wsp)Should we wait it out a bit? See if he steps out?

ALRIC: (wsp)We could, but remember, the longer we are here, the closer to darkness we move.

TALANA: (wsp)It’s only late morning.

ALRIC: (wsp)On a battlefield, time moves faster than you-

LEVANANCE: (wsp)Wait! Look there!

NARRATOR: The group all turned to see a rather large, cloaked figure exiting the palace. Several denizens of the undead followed him.

ALRIC: (wsp)There he is.

YAWANA: (wsp)That’s a lot of guards for one person.

JINLI: (wsp)I might be able to move around the rear and climb to a vantage point with a better shot.

LEVANANCE: (wsp)It seems like I have no other choice.

FRANK: (wsp)What are you talking about?

LEVANANCE: (wsp)Frank, I have not been completely forthcoming to you. However, with the current events, I feel I can hide this information from you no longer.

NARRATOR: Yawana silently notched an arrow in her bow.

LEVANANCE: (wsp)Frank, I have a ring. It is a magical ring.

FRANK: (wsp)Like, real magic?

LEVANANCE: (wsp)Yes, Frank. This ring was what allowed me to pass through areas like this unharmed. You see, when I wear the ring, the dead see me as one of their own.

ALRIC: (wsp)You had this and never said a word?

LEVANANCE: (wsp)I didn’t use it back in the village because I had only ONE ring, not enough for everyone. Instead of using it for myself, I decided to put my trust in you guys and not use it at all.

MOG: (wsp)How ring help now?

LEVANANCE: (wsp)If I wear the ring, they won’t see it’s me. Then, I could sneak up there as one of their own and take out the leader before they know what was happening.

ALRIC: (wsp)An army without leadership is less than half of its former self.

YAWANA: (wsp)In the chaos, we might be able to win quickly.

FRANK: (wsp)It’s too dangerous, Lev.

LEVANANCE: (wsp)Frank, our team has trust issues. You know this.

NARRATOR: Levanance placed his hands on Frank’s shoulders.

LEVANANCE: (wsp)Let this be my trust game for everyone here. Please.

FRANK: (wsp)All right, fine. But, one thing looks like it’s going wrong and we send in the cavalry.

JINLI: (wsp)We have a cavalry?!?

YAWANA: (wsp)No. It’s just how Frank talks. You’ll get used to it eventually.

NARRATOR: From behind large rocks and wall debris, the heroes watched as Levanance donned a magical ring and began moving, albeit slowly, towards the palace.

ALRIC: (wsp)He’s either brave or foolish.

FRANK: (wsp)Or both.

MOG: (wsp)Or neither.

YAWANA: (wsp)I’m leaning toward foolish.

ALRIC: (wsp)You’re leaning on me.

TALANA: (wsp)She said what she said.

NARRATOR: The group watched as Levanance withdrew his sword at the foot of the palace steps. Slowly he lumbered his way to the top, moving closer and closer to his target.

TALANA: (wsp)You can do this, Lev.

YAWANA: (wsp)I never though I would be cheering for him, but my fingers are crossed.

ALRIC: (wsp)Please, Lev, don’t let us down.

MOG: (wsp)Please Lev, don’t make Mog right…

NARRATOR: As Levanance made it to his target, the man in dark robes turned suddenly to face him. Everyone held their breaths. Slowly, Levanance turned away from the robed man.

ALRIC: (wsp)What in the world is he doing?

NARRATOR: Slowly, deliberately, skeletal hands placed the large black robe squarely upon Levanance’s broad shoulders.

LEVANANCE: It’s okay, guys! I have everything in complete control now!

NARRATOR: Raising his sword to the skies, a loud crash of thunder rolled across the wasteland, as dark clouds began to fill the skies, bringing out the darkness in the middle of the day.

ALRIC: Damnit!

TALANA: This is no longer a safe place to be.

JINLI: Stick together! If we get separated, we’re lost!

NARRATOR: The group moved to a higher position on a hilltop, as the ground around the area began boiling like hot water, undead coming up from every rock and crack in the ground.

ALRIC: This is what the people in the city feared.

YAWANA: Weapons at ready, folks!

TALANA: I am well rested and thoroughly pissed off.

MOG: Language!

FRANK: I… guys…I’m…

LEVANANCE: Where is your elloquent, uplifting speech now, Frank?! My plan had been to defeat you soundly on the hilltop in view of the gods themselves! However, I am a gentleman, and not a simple pawn controlled by others. Please, take a moment to compose a eulogy for yourself and your friends before you are all done with this world!

NARRATOR: Frank turned to face his first friends, the first real friends he could say that he ever had. He had been given warnings, had seen red flags. However, he had honestly felt Levanance was, at his core, a good, if not misguided person. For the first time since his arrival, he did not look to the fates. He knew exactly what he needed to do.

NARRATOR: So, what did Frank do? To find out, join us in two weeks for the season one finale of “Let’s Be Frank: The Podcast”.

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