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May Your God-the Divine-Holy-Jehovah-Allah-Buddha-Fluffy Bunny “bless you” and your day.

May Your God-the Divine-Holy-Jehovah-Allah-Buddha-Fluffy Bunny “bless you” and your day.

26320134_BG1-300x168The teacher allegedly has a list of words that students may not use in the classroom. (Photo Source: WMC Viewer submitted)

A Dyer County, Tennessee high school senior has supposedly been suspended from school for saying “Bless you” to a classmate who sneezed. The teacher purportedly has a list of words and phrases written on her white board that the students are not allowed to say in her classroom. This list includes the idiom ‘bless you’. Looking at the other phrases such as “hang out, stupid, and my bad”, I can see what the teacher is trying to accomplish. Teens tend to overuse many of the words that are included on her taboo list. By not allowing the kids to use these common expressions, she is encouraging them to expand their vocabulary and express themselves in a more affective and intellectual way. Regardless of her logic for putting “Bless you” on her list, it’s my opinion, that as an educator, she made a poor decision that opened the school and the school system up for just exactly the type of scrutiny that they are currently under. Religion, both freedom from and freedom of, is one of society’s hot buttons. Someone will always be salivating to push it.

However, IF this situation is as it is reported, it is one of the more ridiculous things that I have seen in a long time. Saying “Bless you” after a sneeze, which is reflex for many people (myself included) or “Have a blessed day”, are two of the most GENERIC, least offensive religious-toned things that you can say. May God “bless you”. May the Goddess “bless you”. May Your God/the Divine/Holy/Jehovah/Allah/Buddha/Zeus/Hecate/Fluffy Bunny “bless you” and your day. Take that understood subject and put in the deity of your faith. Personally, I need all the blessings that I can get! I know steadfast atheists who take a “bless you” with a smile and thank you. Admittedly, you will never please everyone. Someone will claim to be offended (even if they really aren’t) just for the attention.

Now, in support of the teacher… yes… I said that. If Kendra Turner yelled out across the classroom, that WAS a disruption. Students who were closer most likely also said it more quietly to the sneezer. If she has a history of interrupting class and/or other behavioral issues, then she was deserving of an afternoon of ISS. NOT for saying “bless you” after a classmate’s sneeze but for yelling out and repeatedly disrupting the classes educational time. The class was supposed to be quiet. Someone sneezed. Turner said “something” in response (it doesn’t matter what; it could have been ‘Oh, yuck. You need a tissue) and the teacher asked her to be quiet. The student took it as an attack on her faith and felt the need to defend against it. The teacher only saw this as a further disruption and the situation escalated. The student, clearly frustrated, ran out of the classroom and, not long after that, posted something on Facebook and called her parents.

Did the teacher handle this wrong. Potentially. Is this a set up for attention and to push a religious agenda. Potentially. But from what the other kids are saying, at face value, I would have to say that this teacher is making the other educators look bad.

**off the soap box that I didn’t mean to get on**

Duck You!

Duck You!

I have read and listened to a lot of news stories and opinions on the whole Phil Robertson from Duck Commander and the A&E Network conflict. I am finally going to weigh in on this. This my opinion only and all that I am going to say about it 🙂 I don’t agree with his opinions but he is entitled to them. Even though I don’t agree him, I do stand behind him because I support free speech. Whether or not I agree with him doesn’t matter. Whether or not A&E agrees with him doesn’t matter. He had every right to express his opinion without losing his “job”. Phil and many Christians around the world share the same opinion. However, it’s not only Christians that are standing up to support him. It’s also those people like me, who believe that all Americans have the right to freedom of speech. If you don’t like what Phil Robertson has to say, you don’t have to watch his show or buy his duck calls. That’s the beauty of freedom. You have choices and the right to make them.

Wayne Allyn Root, an author and contributing writer for ended one of his articles with the following thought: “A duck hunter may have just lit the spark that started a revolution. Phil Robertson just went from TV phenomenon to American hero. Americans are now unchained. We are free to speak our minds. Here’s what we have to say to control freak tyrants like Obama and the Hollywood elite thought police – ‘DUCK YOU!’.”

That’s a much nicer way of saying what I think Phil Robertson should have said to A&E. It’s not about money and fame. It’s about principles, beliefs, and personal freedoms. So, yeah. I stand behind Phil Robertson and his right to speak his mind. I don’t agree with what he had to say in his interview with GQ magazine but our Constitution protects his right to believe it and say it. When we allow television, government, and other vocal opponents within our society to dictate our morals, opinions, and beliefs then we will soon find ourselves in a position where the freedoms that our founding fathers thought important enough to include in the Constitution of the United States of America as the Bill of Rights to be irrelevant. I do not want to live in that place. I will fight (both literally and figuratively) for those rights and our freedom to exercise our choices as they relate to those rights and freedoms.

Fight Like a Girl!

Fight Like a Girl!

Halloween is coming up fast and there has been a lot going on since I last posted to this blog. My husband and I purchased Cartwright Grocery from my aunt and uncle in April. I have become good friends the the mammo and ultrasound techs at Chattanooga Imaging on Hamill Road. About this time last year, I found the first lumps. Scary thoughts filled my head especially with the knowledge of everything that Aunt Maxine went through before her passing. I was terrified at times. I cried. I raged. I saw my doctor. The tests all showed that my lumps were fibroadenomas. Fibroadenomas are benign tumors made up of both glandular breast tissue and connective tissue. No cancer at that time. Whew. Six months later, no changes. Then two more make an appearance. Another mammogram, two more ultrasounds. Still no sign of cancerous cells. Women with fibroadenomas have a slightly increased risk of breast cancer (about 1½ to 2 times the risk of women with no breast changes) so I am not in the clear nor am I likely to ever be. Every six months, I have a mammogram and ultrasound. I just finished the latest ones. I am thrilled to be cancer free. My very soul hurts for my friends and family members who are not. I look at these strong, courageous women and I admire them for smiling, surviving, and living. Even those like Aunt Maxine who fought as long as she could until the cancer that started in her breasts ravaged her body and brain, smile until the end. I know that underneath the smile they have to be afraid of what lies ahead. I was. I am. I smile. I’m living. I’m lucky. In April, I will go back to Chattanooga Imaging. They know me there. Thankfully, I am more than just a patient to them. Come what may… no changes or cancer… I will survive because all of those who fought the fight before me educated their doctors, trained the techs, developed the medicines and surgical techniques that will allow me to do so. So fight like a girl. Don’t just survive – live!

I want a puppy!

I want a puppy!

Standifer has been bribing me. LOL. It’s obviously a big bribe too because he has offered to get me what I want and I want a puppy; not just any puppy though, I want a Bichon Frise 🙂 After doing a little reading and a lot of research, I have found two breeders semi-local; one is in Cookeville and the other is is Decatur. Both currently have litters available and I have requested information and pictures so that I can choose which ones that I like best before we make the trip for my present… uh… bribe… um, yeah… you know 🙂 I like the idea of the fluff ball being my Valentine’s Day gift.

We haven’t had a family dog since Pete passed two years ago. We had had him since he was six weeks old. He was the runt, the only boy in a litter of rambunctious little boxers. Standifer told me when Pete was tiny not to let him sit in my lap. I didn’t listen very well and up until the time he died, if I sat down “indian style”, he would get in my lap to sit. I am sure that it was funny to see but it wasn’t always too funny from underneath a ten year old boxer that thought he was a pup 🙂 I still miss that dog. But, I digress.

Yes, to answer your question, I am spoiled. My husband and I will celebrate our 23rd anniversary in 10 days. That’s how long we have been married, not how long we have been a couple. If I wasn’t so well loved and spoiled, I would have gotten rid of him a long time ago 😉

Jade’s Christmas Angel

Jade’s Christmas Angel

When we received the word last night of Kennedy’s nearing end, Jade (our little poet) put pen to paper once again for a tribute to a child her age that has left us way too soon. Many of you have heard her poem for Labron since it was read at Senior Day 2012. Wyatt’s is unfinished, there was too much emotion to allow the pen to move. Geoffrey’s is short like his time on this earth. Now, I would like to share with you Kennedy’s poem, Christmas Angel. Feel free to share it with others but PLEASE leave Jade’s name with it. It’s her tribute to her friend; it’s what her heart has to offer.

Christmas Angel
Written by Jade Kilgore December 17, 2012 in memory of Kennedy Griffith.

Christmas won’t be the same without you here,
every smile that I hold dear.
No welcomed feelings warmed my heart,
when I knew that you’d depart.
The presents and the smiling friends
will never truly makes amends.
Cold winter nights that freeze the breath
chill me to a greater depth.
Sorrow and pain bound me here
once I’d confirmed my biggest fear.
You are gone, not to return,
and that, itself, makes my tears burn.
But what through my blurry eyes I see,
your smiling face, greeting me!
Your mellow voice rings out on high
as you tell me not to cry.
That you are here, though never seen,
that you’re a Christmas Angel who got her wings!

ALGIA means pain

ALGIA means pain

I have Fibro-my-algia
And ALGIA means Pain,
So why do you treat me
With haughty disdain?

I am weak and I’m tired;
I struggle to think.
My balance is poor,
But you don’t make the link

To genuine poor health;
To genuine pain;
I have to remind you
Again and AGAIN.

I have Fibro-my-algia
A continual curse
Yes, some days I’m stronger,
But mostly I’m worse.

I struggle and push hard
through each tiring day,
And, no I’m NOT kidding,
It WON’T go away!

I have Fibro-my-algia;
I try not to mope,
But some days I crumble
And can’t really cope…

So please just believe me,
That’s all that I ask.
Is it really such an arduous,
Difficult task?

I have Fibro-my-algia
And algia means PAIN..
Your kind understanding
Might just keep me SANE…

Jade Won Best Actress at Broad Street Film Festival!

Jade Won Best Actress at Broad Street Film Festival!


jade_kilgore_bsff-200x300Jade won the award for Best Actress on April 21, 2012  at the Broad Street Film Festival Awards Ceremony for her role as Lilith in the short film “The Road Not Traveled”.  The movie is about a high school student who witnesses a friend being bullied but doesn’t report the bullying or intervene in any way. After the bullied student (played by Jadey) commits suicide, the main character struggled with guilt while trying to cope with the loss of her classmate.   All of the film crew and cast are students and faculty at Whitwell High School in Whitwell, TN. The cast includes Kennedy Blair, Paiton Patterson, Katie Johnson, Amber Hurd, Zach Hall, and Tanner Lee, starring Brooke Peacock and featuring Jade as Lilith.

Written by Jade and her dad Standifer, “The Road Not Traveled” was also nominated for Best Original Screenplay and Best Director.  It was produced and directed by my favorite husband :) It will next be shown in Marietta, GA on June 7, 2012 at Blank Stage, 585 Cobb Parkway South, and in Chattanooga on July 7, 2012 at Heritage House, 1428 Jenkins Road. Showtime for both locations is 7 P.M. Eastern time.

This film is not copy written, but instead released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. You may view the movie in its entirety at

Although she has not decided on a college, Jade plans to continue her education after high school and major in Theater Arts and Acting.  She has already begun filming on her next “short” for the Intelligent Use of Water Film Competition.

Needless to say, I am one proud Mama!

The Road Not Traveled

The Road Not Traveled


“The Road Not Traveled” is a short film produced and directed by my husband, Standifer Kilgore of Bad Prop Gun Productions. It was released for public screening on April 19, at the Carmike Majestic 12, 311 Broad Street.

The movie was filmed in its entirety in Whitwell. Written by Standifer and our daughter, Jade, it addresses one of the more serious consequences of bullying – suicide, or bullycide as it is often referred to by the media. As of this writing, 12 American teens have taken their own lives as a direct result of bullying in 2012.

All of the film crew and cast are students and faculty at Whitwell High School. The cast includes Kennedy Blair, Paiton Patterson, Katie Johnson, and Tanner Lee, starring Brooke Peacock and featuring Jade as Lilith.

The first screening was a part of the Broad Street Film Festival. The festival is an educational, regional, and original film festival that seeks to provide a venue for collegiate filmmakers in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area to show their work to their peers and to the community at large. A not-for-profit organization, the Broad Street Film Festival exists under the umbrella of the Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga with its own board of directors.

Jade won Best Actress for her role as Lilith at the Broad Street Film Festival’s Award Ceremony. The movie was also nominated for Best Original Screenplay and Best Director.  It will next be shown in Marietta, GA on June 7, 2012 at Blank Stage, 585 Cobb Parkway South, and in Chattanooga on July 7, 2012 at Heritage House, 1428 Jenkins Road. Showtime for both locations is 7 P.M. Eastern time.

This film is not copy written, but instead released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. You may view the movie in its entirety at 



Who are you?

Me? I am Roseanna Johnston Kilgore. I am the oldest daughter of H. D. (Ted) Johnston and Linda Sue (Bell) Johnston. I have been married for 13 years to Standifer Burt Kilgore. We have three daughters – ages 11, 10 and 7. In 2001, we moved back from Atlanta to live in “The Cove” in Sequatchie County, TN. That’s me… in a nutshell.

Do you have a copy of the Johnston badge?

badge This is the winged spur badge of the Annandale Johnstons. The badge for the Caskieben Johnstons is a phoenix in flames.

The clan badge is supposedly derived from the custom of having the servants of great men wear their master’s crests on their clothing. Similarly, it is claimed that clan chiefs gave representations of their crests to their followers. Most likely, the present custom probably dates from the Victorian era.

The Johnston Clan crest for the Annandale badge consists of the Chief’s crest (a winged spur) enclosed in a conventional representation of a “strap and buckle,” upon which is inscribed the Chief’s motto, which is Latin for “Never Unprepared.”




What does the Johnston Coat of Arms look like?

/image missing/

The Johnstons, as vassals of the Bruces (The first Lords of Annandale) wore for their arms, a silver shield with a black saltire and a red chief. The next Lords of Annandale were the Randolphs, and the Johnstons, in order to show their allegiance to their new masters, put three gold cushions on the red chief of their shields. When they were raised to peerage, their arms were confirmed and were officially described as “Argent (silver colored) with a Saltire Sable (black diagonal cross) on a Chief Gules (red).” When Robert Bruce became King of Scotland, he conferred the Crest of the “Winged Spur” upon the Johnston messenger.

Do the Johnstons have a tartan?

/image missing/

Most Scottish clan tartans accepted as such today are no older than the first quarter of the nineteenth century. Many are much younger. The Johnston or Johnstone tartan first made its appearance in the apocryphal Vestiarium Scoticum, which was published in 1842 by two brothers who claimed to be grandsons of Bonnie Prince Charlie. The Vestiarium Scoticum purported to be a copy of an ancient manuscript detailing the tartans of the various clans, but it was almost certainly a forgery. Nonetheless, many tartans revered today had their origins in this work.

In spite of the doubtful source of many of them, clan tartans have remained very popular and and have come to symbolyze Scottish culture to most of the world. By now, clan tartans have become standarized and have developed a tradition of their own.

People sometimes mistake the Johnston/e tartan for the Gordon tartan. Actually, the only thing they have in common is the green, blue and yellow colors. There are a number of tartans with these colors, but it is the pattern, or sett, which really distingishes one tartan from another. The Johnston/e tartan is fairly simple, and is composed of alternating broad stipes of blue and green. The blue stripe has three narrow black stipes running through the middle. The green stripe also has three narrow stripes in the middle, but the center narrow stripe is yellow. The alternating pattern is woven in both directions (warp and weft), forming a symetrical check. Usually it is made in a twill weave, which means the weaving is done “over two, under two.”

When the Johnston/e tartan is woven in deep, dark colors, it is termed “modern,” which simply means that modern chemical dyes have been used. When woven in soft, muted colors, simulating vegitable dyes, the tartan is termed “ancient.” A third version, usually termed “weathered” or “reproduction,” has colors which are supposed to look like tartan which has aged a long time.

You have a copy of the Annandale badge but  do you have the Caskieben?

caskieben_badgeThe image that I have for the Caskieben Johnstons isn’t as nice as the one I have for the Annandale clan. If you have a better one, please feel free to post it!

The Johnston/e Clan crest for Caskieben consists of a phoenix in flames enclosed in a “strap and buckle,” upon which is inscribed the Caskieben motto, which is Latin for “Live, So That You Will Live in the Future.”





What is the slogan or logo for the Johnston clan? Print E-mail
The original war cry or slogan of Clan Johnston/e of Annandale was “Light Thieves All,” which was a demand to the enemy to dismount and surrender. This slogan was also used as the first motto in the Chief’s arms in the early seventeenth century. Later, the Chief adopted the current motto, Nunquam Non Paratus, which means “Never Unprepared.” Sometimes the Chief’s present motto is translated as “Ready, Aye Ready” or simply “Aye Ready,” which is also used as a slogan.
What is the significance of the Hawthorn? Print E-mail
Red Hawthorn Septs: Annandale: Marjoribanks, Rome

Red Hawthorn is the plant badge of the Clan. This could be an invention of the nineteenth century tartan mania. Border clans did not normally use plant badges which were characteristic of highlandclans.

Legend has it that in battle the Johnston/e’s could always be identified because they always wore sprigs of the red hawthorn on their helmets.