Clan of the Dragon Family Rants

Nag. Nag. Nag.

crysta10So, two of my little jewels, my Ruby and Emerald, have been asking, begging, badgering, nagging me about “officially” teaching them the family tradition. I have just been guiding them to date. I can’t explain my hesitation. Maybe I was lazy. Maybe the Goddess was whispering that they are not ready but today, it randomly occurred to me that I had a lot to do in order to begin the training for their first degree. Emerald is self dedicated. Ruby dedicated with the family just after her 16th birthday on Lughnasadh.  I do believe that I will start by having them read. I love books. They will learn. 😉 Next, we will tackle the legalese. That should be plenty of punishment for them. Then colors, stones, herbs, etc… that will turn their brains to mush. If they are not begging to stop, we shall continue. I am sure that more on these misadventures will follow soon.

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