Someone Pressed My Rant Button!


“White Lives Matter” will soon be added to a list of U.S. hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the group announced Tuesday.

I am not a racist person. I am not a hateful person but lately I find myself annoyed by the entire concept of the black lives matter organization and the causes that they are advocating. This group was created as an anti-police organization even if no one will openly admit it. If that isn’t hate, then this Southern white girl doesn’t know what is!

If White Lives Matter is a hate group, then Black Lives Matter should have the same classification. The entire #mylifeismoreimportantthanyourlife movement simply makes me angry. I like to think that I am open minded but things like this makes me think mean thoughts… I will probably never say them but I am definitely thinking mean things! Roseanna’s life is just as important as Shaniqualu Watermelonia Lashaenaenay. See… mean thoughts…

I have a friend who is Chinese, adopted and raised by a white family. She says that in her experience, it is the black community who are more racist toward her in both words and actions. That’s not saying that some white person hasn’t called her a “slant eye” but it happens less often. How can blacks claim white folks are racists when they are just as bad or worse to other nationalities (and whites)?! White people are not the only racist bunch out there as many black people would like for you to believe. I have a Guatemalan neighbor who will tell you real fast that he is not Mexican and then will proceed to tell you what he thinks about them, none of it good. It’s kind of like the whole “not all witches are Wiccan, and not all Wiccans are witches” thing. Not all racists are white and not all whites are racist!

When you look at just the rhetoric that the Southern Poverty Law Center is spewing, their determination seems valid. However, in any group or organization there will people who fit the profile of the individuals that they investigated in order to make their determination. I know of a preacher right here in our beautiful Sequatchie Valley who is an active, participating member of the KKK. I only know this because his son DISCREETLY approached someone else that I know and trust very much with an invitation to join. Does that make every member of his church are racist KKK members? No, of course not. Most of them are not even aware of their preacher’s late night activities.

I guess that the points that  I am trying to make are don’t judge a book by it’s cover, all lives matter.and be nice. If you are an ass, you will be treated like an ass. Now look… this whole thing even made me say a bad word…

“White Lives Matter” to be declared a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center on WRCB TV 3

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