Jesus Would Wear Cartoon Themed Shirts

What would happen if Jesus tried to feed the 5000 today?10365800_10152332112046832_2449419449034335546_n-300x300

Matt Taylor, one of the scientists responsible for the European Space Agency’s successful landing of the lander Philae on a comet 300 million miles away has been being bashed by his choice of shirt. It was made for his birthday by a female friend and had semi-nude CARTOON females on it. Instead of giving Taylor and his team the accolades that they deserve, their success is being detracted from by feminists who were offended by his shirt. REALLY? So, yeah, I have no doubt that Jesus would be subjected to the same ridiculous behaviors from modern society. Never mind the good work that Matt and Jesus would be doing. Don’t consider the potential improvements to the lives of everyone. Let’s pick a stupid little point and harp on it until Jesus (and Matt) throw up their hands in frustration and quit. Why should he feed the hungry or heal the sick when people are just going to gripe, complain, and look for things to be offended by. Grr. I will stop ranting now but, really, people. Get your priorities straight!

I will not deny that I have feminist tendencies. I believe in equal pay for equal work, equality in hiring, etc. Women have always been sexualized. Some of them allow it and encourage it but it ‘s their choice. I don’t have to like that Heffner and Flynn have made a boatload of money by printing photos of naked women. You do have to recognize their business sense. They knew what men wanted to see and successfully marketed it. The girls on the scientist’s shirt were cartoons. If the pictures had been some sort of pervasive or rape hentai, ok, be offended. But semi-nude cartoons are not the thing to be wasting their energy on. They should save it for a worthy cause. *getting off the soap box now* Someone needs to get this box out of here…


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