I want a puppy!

Standifer has been bribing me. LOL. It’s obviously a big bribe too because he has offered to get me what I want and I want a puppy; not just any puppy though, I want a Bichon Frise 🙂 After doing a little reading and a lot of research, I have found two breeders semi-local; one is in Cookeville and the other is is Decatur. Both currently have litters available and I have requested information and pictures so that I can choose which ones that I like best before we make the trip for my present… uh… bribe… um, yeah… you know 🙂 I like the idea of the fluff ball being my Valentine’s Day gift.

We haven’t had a family dog since Pete passed two years ago. We had had him since he was six weeks old. He was the runt, the only boy in a litter of rambunctious little boxers. Standifer told me when Pete was tiny not to let him sit in my lap. I didn’t listen very well and up until the time he died, if I sat down “indian style”, he would get in my lap to sit. I am sure that it was funny to see but it wasn’t always too funny from underneath a ten year old boxer that thought he was a pup 🙂 I still miss that dog. But, I digress.

Yes, to answer your question, I am spoiled. My husband and I will celebrate our 23rd anniversary in 10 days. That’s how long we have been married, not how long we have been a couple. If I wasn’t so well loved and spoiled, I would have gotten rid of him a long time ago 😉

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