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Jade’s Christmas Angel

When we received the word last night of Kennedy’s nearing end, Jade (our little poet) put pen to paper once again for a tribute to a child her age that has left us way too soon. Many of you have heard her poem for Labron since it was read at Senior Day 2012. Wyatt’s is unfinished, there was too much emotion to allow the pen to move. Geoffrey’s is short like his time on this earth. Now, I would like to share with you Kennedy’s poem, Christmas Angel. Feel free to share it with others but PLEASE leave Jade’s name with it. It’s her tribute to her friend; it’s what her heart has to offer.

Christmas Angel
Written by Jade Kilgore December 17, 2012 in memory of Kennedy Griffith.

Christmas won’t be the same without you here,
every smile that I hold dear.
No welcomed feelings warmed my heart,
when I knew that you’d depart.
The presents and the smiling friends
will never truly makes amends.
Cold winter nights that freeze the breath
chill me to a greater depth.
Sorrow and pain bound me here
once I’d confirmed my biggest fear.
You are gone, not to return,
and that, itself, makes my tears burn.
But what through my blurry eyes I see,
your smiling face, greeting me!
Your mellow voice rings out on high
as you tell me not to cry.
That you are here, though never seen,
that you’re a Christmas Angel who got her wings!

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