ALGIA means pain

I have Fibro-my-algia
And ALGIA means Pain,
So why do you treat me
With haughty disdain?

I am weak and I’m tired;
I struggle to think.
My balance is poor,
But you don’t make the link

To genuine poor health;
To genuine pain;
I have to remind you
Again and AGAIN.

I have Fibro-my-algia
A continual curse
Yes, some days I’m stronger,
But mostly I’m worse.

I struggle and push hard
through each tiring day,
And, no I’m NOT kidding,
It WON’T go away!

I have Fibro-my-algia;
I try not to mope,
But some days I crumble
And can’t really cope…

So please just believe me,
That’s all that I ask.
Is it really such an arduous,
Difficult task?

I have Fibro-my-algia
And algia means PAIN..
Your kind understanding
Might just keep me SANE…

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