The Millers


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The Millers

Mary Etta Miller was born December 12, 1878. She was the youngest child of Mikey and Bethena (Pickett) Miller. Mikey Miller was born in 1825, the son of Mary and (__________) Miller. We do not have any information about his father but his mother later married a Vandergriff and had three other sons. Bethena, born in 1830, was the daughter of Edward T. Pickett and Elizabeth (_______). Edward, with his brother John A, Pickett, came to the Sequatchie Valley from Roane County, Tennessee.

The Millers were early settlers of Signal Mountain, being one of the few families who lived there during the Civil War.

Around 1885, when Mary Etta was eight years old, Mikey and Bethena bought land in the New Hope Community of Sequatchie County. It was a part of the 40,000 acres of the original Josiah McNair Anderson tract and included the Old Anderson Mill located on the headwaters of Anderson Creek. The Old John C. Johnston home is located on this property, part of which is still owned by the Johnston family. {A note from Roseanna – this is where I live}

Bethena Pickett Miller practiced medicine as a midwife. Her medical book, The Married Woman’s Private Medical Companion, which was written in 1847 by Dr. A. M. Mauriceau of New York, has been kept by members of her family. It contains many formulas for making your own medicines.

After their children were grown, Mikey and Bethena (Pickett) Miller returned to Signal Mountain where he died around 1919. Bethena’s death date isn’t known to us, but she died after her husband. They are buried at Fairmont Cemetery on Signal Mountain.

They had a least six known children:
* Indicates marriage to one of our Johnston Family

1. William Monroe Miller (1851 – ??)
m. July 10, 1879 Mary Evans
* A. Monroe Thomas Miller “Dick” (1880 – 1927)
m. Laura Caldonia Johnston
Roy Elbert, Saloma, Ella, Thelma, Elsie, Vernie, and Ulas Miller
B. Robert Miller
m. Katherine (_________)
C. James Andrew Miller
m. Daisy Griffith
D. Lillie Bell Miller (1884-1950)
m. King Griffith (1878 – 1959)
* E. Maggie Amanda Miller (1885-1920)
m. James Devine Johnston
Ollie, Lottie, W. Allison, James Albert, Mary Juanita, Wenona,
and Icie Lucille Johnston
F. Johnny Miller
m. Ethel Brock
G. Mike Miller
m. Emma Bradford

2. John Miller (1854 on 1860 census)
3. Thomas Jacob Miller (March 1869 – June 1940
m. Sarah (Sally) Jane Dent (April 4, 1866 – Aug. 19, 1951)
* A. Joseph Arthur Miller (Jan 1, 1888 – Jan. 13, 1965
m. Ina Lee Johnston
Children: Claytie, Amos Wilburn, Pauline Louise, Argil Lee, and
Arles Arthur Miller
B. Alexander Miller
m. Delmer Ferguson
C. Foster Miller
m. Josie Pickett
D. James Miller
m. (1) ________ Hudson
(2) Maggie Bowman
E. George Miller
m. (1) Stella Ferguson
(2) Pearl Camp
F. Chester Miller
m. Bertha Hudson
G. Ethel Miller
m. Jerry Brown
H. Roy Alton Miller
m. Sally Young
I. Estile Miller
m. Bob White

4. James Mike Miller
m. Mandy Rayburn
no children

5. Delilah Miller
m. Lorenza McIntire
A. Raymond McIntire
m. Eve Ratlief
B. Paul McIntire
m. Lena Evans
C. Allie McIntire
m. Oscar Pickett
D. Siotha McIntire
m. ___________ Archer

{Note from Roseanna – This is my direct line. Ira is my grandfather.}
*6. Mary Etta Miller (1878 – 1940)
m. John Calvin Johnston
A. Amy Bethena Johnston (Oct. 21, 1895 – Sept. 2, 1978)
m. Lester Blaine Shell
B. William McKinley Johnston (June 11, 1898 – Oct. 10, 1984)
m. Tressie Audra Brown
C. Maloy Calvin Johnston (Feb. 21, 1901 – April 19, 1956)
m. Elizabeth Mae King
D. Ira Bastil Johnston (March 7, 1903 – May 15, 1980)
m. Nancy Cleo Tollett
E. Horace Almer Johnston (Oct. 18, 1905 – Oct. 2, 1983)
m. (1) Mae (Black) Brown
(2) Fannie Phillips
(3) Pearl Hatfield
F. Carl Andy Johnston (March 23, 1910 – Jan. 18, 1977)
m. (1) Alice Smith
(2) Jessie Conaster Fox
G. Octa Johnston (Feb. 4, 1920 – 1924)

FYI: Mary Etta Miller married John C. Johnston. This is how “The Cove” became Johnston land. The research for this line was done by Maxine Johnston Douglas. I have added a little and taken none away. I did re-word a few things for flow.

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