Ira Bastil Johnston

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Ira Bastil Johnston

Ira Bastil Johnston, fourth child of John Calvin and Mary Etta (Miller) Johnston, was born March 7, 1903 in Sequatchie County, TN. He married Nancy Cleo Tollett on August 1, 1933. She was born January 19, 1918, the daughter of James Lafayette and Mary Magdalene (Britton) Tollett. She was the granddaughter of John Sake and Sarah Jane (Peters) Britton. The Britton and Peters families were natives of Hawkins County, TN. According to the family tradition, they were among the many that lost everything during the Civil War. In an effort to start anew, they left Hawkins County and migrated to the Sequatchie Valley where they settled in the Daus Community of Sequatchie County. {Note from Roseanna – more information on the Brittons, Peters, etc. is available}

Nancy Cleo (Tollett) Johnston died August 4, 1944 at the age of 26. She is buried at Chapel Hill Cemetery in Sequatchie County, TN. Ira B. Johnston died May 15, 1980 at age 77. He is buried beside his wife. They were the parents of five children.

1. Audrey Pauline Johnston (twin) (June 17, 1934 – )
m. John A. Easterly
They had 10 children.

2. Alice Maxine Johnston (twin) (June 17, 1934 – )
m. Willie Lewis Douglas
They have one son.

3. Ira Bervin Johnston (April 12, 1936 – June 3, 1936)
Buried at Chapel Hill Cemetery in Sequatchie Co., TN

4. Horace Darrell (Ted) Johnston (January 16, 1938 – )
m. (1) Ruby Juanita Keener
Sheila Kay Johnston (January 21, 1959 – )
m. Randy Swafford
Betheny Leona Johnston
(Sheila was unmarried when Beth was born. Randy is not her father.)
(2) Linda Sue Bell (December 2, 1949 – )
A. Rose Anna Johnston (December 6, 1970)
m. January 17, 1990 Standifer Burt Kilgore (June 16, 1971)
a. Sarah Lorraine Kilgore (August 7, 1991)
b. Rebekkah Diane Kilgore (October 3, 1992)
c. Miranda Jade Kilgore (July 6, 1995)
B. Alice Paulette Johnston (January 17, 1981)
m. August 9, 2003 Andrew Stone

C. Roger Darrell Johnston (October 20, 1983)

5. Mary Fairy Johnston (September 25, 1943)
m. (1) Willie Lee Easterly
(2) David Lester Lewis
Mary had three children with Willie Easterly. As an interesting note, one of her granddaughters, Lindsey, was married to a grandson of Johnny and June (Carter) Cash.

{Note from Roseanna – I only expanded on my own lineage. I am working on my generation now. Maxine has two grandchildren. Mary has four grandchildren. Ted has four and Pauline has more than I can count off the top of my head, including several great-grandchildren!}

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  1. Elaine Perryman says:

    Hi! I came across your site looking for a Maxine. I read some of her publishing on Johns(t)onโ€™s I am working on John C. Johnson 1802-1856. I would appreciate if you could forward my email. Thank you for your time ! Elaine

    1. Roseanna says:

      My Aunt Maxine passed away ten years ago this Christmas. Sorry ๐Ÿ™

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