All the news in one…

All the news… in one!

06 Jun 2003
All the news... in one!

I haven’t updated this page for almost two months now. I have been busy with a new adventure. 🙂 I have been helping some friends as their public relations administator. They discovered that I like to talk, LOL.

Now for all the news…

  • Mama, Maxine, Mary and Pauline went on a trip. :0) Their picture can be found on the Jack Daniels Distillary Website Mama is the shortest one in front. Mary is behind her. Maxine is on the end on the right and Pauline is literally hiding behind her. LOL.
  • Maxine and W.L. recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary!!
  • Alice and Andy have set a date for their wedding – August 9, 2003. 🙂
  • Jonathan celebrated his 20th birthday on Wednesday, June 4. Stan will have his on June 16th. hehehe.
  • All three of my kiddos passed to the next grade. Sarah will be in seventh. Rebekkah in fifth and Jade in third. Scary, eh?
  • And me… I have been sick. Nothing new there though. 🙂

I guess that just about covers it for now. I’ll post more later.


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