18 Feb 2003

Welcome to my website 🙂

18 Feb 2003
Welcome to my website :)

I have had my own website of one kind or another since way back in AOL days… 1996… Most of the time, it was a site about whichever game I happened to be playing. This site is the first endeavor of this kind for me.

The hubby hasn’t helped me any… yet… but I know that I will be begging soon enough. I have already decided that I want to have a logo for the upper right corner of this site.

The things that I hope have on the site are articles which I have written and articles that others have contributed. Some of the stuff that interests me are RPG’s, ferrets, my kids, genealogy, and on and on and on…

Feel free to register and contribute. I need all the help that I can get! LOL.


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